Time Required to Process Orders

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The following information is essential for you to know so you can understand the time it takes to process your orders.

There are 2 payment methods used on our Nutra247.com website: PayPal and Stripe.

Stripe is a fully functioning and secure credit card payment system. You need to know that Stripe holds all payments for 7 days before releasing them to us which then allows us to process your order.

PayPal is a global payment processing system. Paypal also processes credit card payments with 2 benefits:
1. You can create an account with PayPal and
2. Your payments are processed immediately. This means we are able to process your order straight away.

It is entirely up to you which payment process you prefer to use. Just be aware that using Stripe will mean a minimum of 10 days will be required before we can send your order out to you, whereas if you pay through PayPal we can process and post your order out to you within 4 days.

We hope this clarifies the time required to process your orders. If you have any further enquiries then please contact us via email contact@nutra247.com

Christopher Walker
Nutra 247 Admin and Owner