Recharge L-Glutamine 1500MG


+ Supports Deep Sleep for Best Physical and Mental Restoration

+ Supports Lean Muscle Growth and Repair

+ Best Available Combination of Amino Acids

+ Includes an Incredible 1500mg of L-Glutamine

+ Also Includes 850mg of L-Leucine

Nutra 247’s Recharge L-Glutamine 1500MG Body Booster is an advanced muscle supplement that contributes to muscle repair and exercise recovery during sleep which helps reduce fatigue and recovery times. It is formulated from premium amino acids to help improve stamina and endurance, increase lean muscle mass and maximize training and performance levels. Nutra 247’sRecharge L-Glutamine 1500MG Body Booster is created from the combination of these powerful ingredients: L-Glutamine (1500mg), L-Leucine (850mg), L-IsoLeucine (425mg) and L-Valine (425mg).

These claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

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